Mission Statement

Oh boy, another gaming blog!

I decided to set this blog up so that I would have a centralized and (somewhat) public place to brainstorm about my world design. My world, Domibia, has been through several incarnations during the past 17 years or so that it has existed.

It was initially a joint effort by my friend Tim Huntley and me, but creative differences led to it becoming a solo effort. It had originally been designed to move away from the “standard” fantasy races and monsters (no orcs, trolls, elves, dwarves, etc). I don’t even remember what system we originally made the races up with, but eventually they were designed for D&D 3.0, Runequest and GURPS. This led to the beginnings of one of the problems I have had: basing races and magic off of systems, rather than fully fleshed out and described in real-world terms prior to being converted to a specific system. I eventually grew displeased with D&D (which I had only ran using the 3.0 rules) and decided to go back to GURPS… or Runequest (the Mongoose version), depending on what day it was.

Anyways, that isn’t really very important anymore. What I am planning now is to give Domibia a full Spring Clean: rework some of the clunkier ideas that have long been canon, rewrite magic from the ground up (without a game system restraining it), polish and define the various races (cultures for the 20+ human “races”), etc.

So, that is the reason for the blog…


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Long time gamer looking for a place to write out my worldbuilding ideas (and maybe some other stuff while I'm at it).

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