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My earliest roleplaying was almost exclusively done with Runequest (before it was really known as BRP) and its sorta-sister Stormbringer. I always loved the character generation system for Stormbringer (as stated by a gaming acquaintance “I don’t care if my character gets killed because it’s so much fun to make up a new one!”). In case you have never made a character for the original Stormbringer, it goes as follows: you roll for what nation you come from (praying for a roll of 01 so you can be a Melnibonean), then depending on the result you got certain bonuses to your attributes (Oh, I’m from Illmiora, I get an extra 1d6 on my CON! sort of thing).

This sort of system was one of my inspirations for the different races/cultures of Domibia. There are 33 human cultures on Domibia and a further eight races that are close to human (there also 11 non-human races), all of which I wanted to have some in-game built in attribute modifiers or traits of some kind.

I am mentioning this only for the purpose of telling you where I am coming from in regards to world design. Obviously I have many more years of gaming under my belt (along with many more cheeseburgers) since I first began working on Domibia and those experiences have changed my perspective on some things.

I have read some world-building advice that suggests that I may have too many races, but there is a good (to me) in-world rational for the large number of races/cultures and I have decided that I will be keeping all of them. However, part of my reason for this blog is to not get caught up in a specific game system and to describe the races in descriptive terms rather than as things like “+1 to IQ”. That might be the end result, but I would like a reason for that +1 to be explained.


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Long time gamer looking for a place to write out my worldbuilding ideas (and maybe some other stuff while I'm at it).

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