Elemental relationships in Domibia

This is how I imagine the elements of Domibia relate to one another.elements graphicAs the spirit “element” touches all the others, it is believed that everything has some motive spirit. Not necessarily animism where the various spirits are propitiated in some way, but just a belief that there is a fundamental spiritual component to all things.

Why wouldn’t that lead to animism?
I’m not positive.
I know that I want there to be elementals of all the various elements, and to have that you must have spirits that animate them. Perhaps some of the cultures (the ones that we would consider more traditional) practice a form of animism in addition to their theistic beliefs. The more technologically inclined cultures might see elemental spirits as simply servants who are not worthy of worship, except perhaps while magically bargaining with elementals for some favor.

Obviously, this will end up having some effect on how I finally decide magic works.


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Long time gamer looking for a place to write out my worldbuilding ideas (and maybe some other stuff while I'm at it).

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