Planetary info & calendar

While I am still mentally working on the idea of how spirits work, I thought I’d get more physical info about the planet posted.


I generated all this info using the Megatraveller World Builder’s Handbook published by Digest Group Publications and some stuff from GURPS Space.

Stellar Info
G0 V
Mass 1.04

Planetary Info
Circumference 25,446 miles
Density 1.00 (Molten Core)
Planetary Mass 1.038
Surface Gravity 1.01
Orbital Period 0.98 (357.95 days)
Rotational Period 18 hours, 2 minutes, 24 seconds
Axial Tilt 34 degrees
Orbital Eccentricity 0.0%

Hydrographic Percentage 75%

Stellar Luminosity 1.05
Albedo 0.68
Greenhouse 1.10
Base temperature 69.35 F
Surface Atmospheric Pressure 1.30

Info on the moons (Luna from Earth appears as 0.5 degrees angular diameter)

Infun 0.637 day orbital period, tidally locked
Appearance: 1/2 Luna (0.25 degrees)

Matun 0.838 day orbital period, 35.68 day rotation
Appearance: 5 1/2 Luna (2.8 degrees)

Patun 0.880 day orbital period, 31.33 day rotation
Appearance: 9 1/2 Luna (4.7 degrees)

moons in color

This the standard calendar:

domibian calendar

Here is a map of the planet with wind patterns and average high & low temps.

wind pattern map master

I’m not real happy with the names of the moons. They have a Latin sound to them, but there aren’t any races that speak Latin (or its equivalent) on Domibia. When I say equivalent, I mean that rather than go all Tolkien and create my own languages, I have assigned real-world analogs for all the different languages.


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