Body types

This is just a quickie post to touch on racial body types (Ectomorph, Mesomorph or “medium”), which I call Light, Medium and Heavy (I am fairly certain that this idea was used in Stormbringer way back in the day).

Effects of Body Type
Light: Max STR = SIZ+1
Medium: Max STR = SIZ+3
Heavy: Max STR = SIZ+5

Any STR over the max must be “paid” for with and equal amount of DEX, AGL, SPD or HLT.
If rolled STR is over the max, you may lower it and add a like amount to any of the above attributes.

In this way the character’s body type limits their Strength. Even if this seems too fiddly for use, it is still worth knowing what the usual body type of a particular race is.

Use a percentage roll to determine the individual’s body type.
For instance, the Antente have the following distribution:
Body Type:
1-75 Light
76-99 Medium
00 Heavy


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