Dimension Hopping Campaign

I really need to come up with a catchier name than that…

The basic premise for the campaign is that a group of strangers (except the PC’s with NPC spouses or friends) are visiting/camping in Yellowstone National Park when the giant super volcano it is atop becomes active. The primary reason for this is to make sure that the players have a very good reason to go along with the offer they receive from this man:

Eleazar Mather

Who comes walking up to the ranger station that the crowd of PC’s will be taking refuge in and inform them of their impending doom. He does, however, have an alternative to being incinerated by the explosion and that is to agree to work for his patron.

Assuming that the players go along with this idea they will all be asked to hold hands while he sings Bringing In the Sheaves. As they watch the pyroclastic cloud hurtle towards them, they suddenly find themselves under water on a shallow beach. They are all nude and confused, and can see three men waiting on the beach with robes for them.

The three men introduce themselves as solicitors of the law firm of Lant, Dunn & Bray and they are the intermediaries for the mysterious benefactress (they use female pronouns when refering to her) who has rescued the PC’s. The beach is located on the island of Herm which is about 2 miles from the isle of Guernsey in the English Channel. In this version of Earth there had been a massive third world war between the Soviets and the west in 1985. Nobody else lives on the island and the characters will have free reign to make it into whatever kind of base they like. There is a smallish hotel and a partially sunk container ship filled with food and equipment a few hundred feet from one of the beaches.

Anyways, that is the bare bones of the introductory scene.

The campaign will focus on the PC’s being sent on various errands/missions. Most of these are going to be “righting wrongs” of one type or another. Stopping demons and black magicians, fixing grave threats to some timeline, etc.

The first mission is going to send the group (whichever PC’s the players who are present choose to send) back to 1910 Rhode Island where an 11 year old boy with a brain tumor is opening a portal to the distant past and letting dinosaurs through. Actually only one dinosaur so far. A deinonychus that has already killed a hunter and is cruising around the vast woodland around the town (Burrilville).

I suspect that just one deinonychus will be more than a match for the party (I don’t want to kill anyone this early in the campaign, but it should scare the crap out of them). I am going to run this like a GURPS Monster Hunter scenario, with the party looking for clues and making rolls for deductions.

I found a great pic of the dino!

More to follow…


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