GURPS Hit Location Chart

Since I have had several months of prep time for my new dimension-hopping campaign I have been hard at work making various player aids. I have a folder for each player, holding both character sheets and a bunch of, well, play aids… like I said.



The postcards that are paperclipped to the folder are the character backgrounds translated from the Central Casting history. The little stickers at the bottom are individualized FP tracks. I am going to be using glass beads to show the accumulation of FP (I am using my own implementation of the wonderful Last Gasp article by Douglas Cole in Pyramid 3-44). The beads are color coded for Mild, Severe and Deep fatigue, and the little cheat sheet helps the players figure out what level of fatigue thay are at (along with any penalties).

One of the aids is a hit location chart that lets the players see the modifiers to hit a location and the random dice roll results as well as room to list and armor that  they have there.I thought it might be useful for other GM’s…

Here it is.


I was unable to add the damage multipliers for various attack types, but I have my own GM sheet for that (not my own design).


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