Domibian Races: #1 The Arajay

I am restarting what I began way back in 2015 when I started this blog, and am working on my fantasy world of Domibia again.

So I am restarting things with one of the more important races on the planet, the Arajay.

The Arajay were the first race created by the god Araj and they thrived for thousands of years. Besides occasional factional fighting life was peaceful for most of their history. Sometimes there would be an outbreak of Enegalan monstrosities that needed to be eradicated, but mostly they explored the world and made advances in science and magic. A large percentage of the Arajay lived in the area called Ee-Onamay (Mountain Home), which included a huge “hand” crafted (by the god Araj) mountain, riddled with passages and huge galleries.

When Araj died (during the act of trying to create another race) the Arajay were understandably devastastated. They were confused by the sudden appearance of scores of different races all over their world (except for the continent where Ee-Onamay was). The Arajay who lived on teh other continents fought against the new races in some cases and avoided them in others. Their magic still worked, but any and all attempts to contact Araj were dismal failures. Most of the Arajay returned to Ee-Onamay or in the case of six small cities, they magically lifted the cities off the surface and now float around the planet about 4000 meters above the ground.

Nowadays, (one thousand years after the death of Araj) the Arajay are rarely encountered unless you travel to Ee-Onamay. They have completely withdrawn from all the other continents (not counting the floating cities). An occasional excursion to face some grave Enegalan menace is about all the contact they Arajay have with the current world.

The Arajay are bipedal anthropomorphic elephants. The males weigh around 420 lbs and stand 7’0″ tall, the females weigh 325 lbs and stand 6’8″.

arajay male
The males look like this…

Physical Stuff
The Arajay have several physical advantages and attribute modifiers (I will discuss cultural ads & disads a bit later). Obviously the Arajay are stronger than a normal human, given their size. The males have a ST of 16 [60] and the females have ST 14 [40]. They don’t really have a size modifier since they would need to be 9 feet tall to get a SM +1. For their being more robust than even their high ST accounts for they get 2 extra HP [4]. They have tough skin that gives them DR 1 [3] on their torso (their skin is thicker there than elsewhere on their bodies). They have a passive Racial Memory [15] from their ability to access their ancestor’s memories. This ability is why they are dying out slowly (see below). They live twice as long as a human and so get Extended Lifespan 1 [2]. Their trunk acts as an Extra Arm (Extra Flexible, Weak 1/2 ST) [13].

They don’t have much in the way of physical disadavantages (as a race), but they are a bit slower than you would expect which gives them a -0.25 Basic Speed [-5]. Due to their rather clumsy, large-fingered hands they suffer from Ham Fisted 1 [-1] (modified because it doesn’t affect their trunks). They also have a 0 point feature I call Difficult Births. Without the divine magic that assisted them with delivery, they now suffer around a 75% chance of dying in childbirth. The reason is that over the centuries their skulls have enlarged somewhat to keep up with the racial memories they can access, while their birth canals have stayed static.

Cultural Stuff
The majority of Arajay will be comfortably TL 4 with TL 5 in medicine. The rest of the world is primarily TL 3, so most Arajay will have High TL +1 [5].
When Araj was still alive they considered themselves stewards of his world and the practiced what we would call conservationism. Even with Araj no longer around, many Arajay still feel this way, and more importantly it is assumed that you should feel that way (if you are an Arajay). This is a “culturally expected” Vow (Preserve Nature) [-5]. By culturally expected I mean that Arajay society expects them to feel that way, so not acting that way may carry a reaction penalty. Some Arajay may have this as a Quirk, some may lack it completely and simply pretend to have it.

****There are a lot of “culturally expected” traits in the various cultures of Domibia, so I will be using this fairly often.

Male Arajay total out at [96] points ([91] if they have the culturally expected Vow), and females total out at [76].

EDIT: I totally forgot that the Arajay should probably have Ham Fisted 1 [-5] with their hands, but be able to use their trunks for fine detail work. I’m not sure how that would affect the value of Ham Fisted…

As per a suggestion from Anders on the SJGames GURPS forum I have gone with a value of [-1] for Ham Fisted 1. I have included this in the main article.

Racial Write-Ups

#6 Zarugiza
#5 Vormade
#4 The Ready
#3 M’rrr
#2 Spawn of Enegala
#1a Feral Arajay
#1 Arajay


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