Domibian Races: #1a Feral Arajay

As mentioned in my previous post about the Arajay, after their god died and the world was overrun with humans and demi-humans, the Arajay slowly retired back to their Mountain Home. In many cases they simply abandoned their homes and anything they couldn’t carry. In some cases though, they left guards behind. This was very common with highly magical locations or sites with sentimental value.

These guards were chosen from individuals who showed little aptitude for the racial memory that Arajay usually have. The reason was that it had already become apparent that the mortality rate in newborns and their mothers was going up without Araj’s divine blessings. They figured that the guards would breed but have a better chance at survival without the enlarged brains that were causing the troubles. This worked fine in many cases.

Some of these “rear guards” were overrun in the following centuries by various human cultures that encountered them. But in some areas that didn’t have any human culture hearths nearby and the Arajay were unmolested for in some cases up to 800 years and their own culture changed. Without the racial memory and because the original “guards” had in a lot of cases been the dregs of their society, they slowly became more and more debased.

These now feral Arajay are still encountered in ancient ruins and what had been isolated nature preserves a millenia ago. They no longer even remember that the ruins they guard were once created by their own race.

Let’s take a look at their GURPS stats (some of it is the same as the civilized Arajay).

Physical Stuff
As with their still-civilized bretheren the feral Arajay are stronger than a normal human. The males have a ST of 16 [60] and the females have ST 14 [40]. They don’t really have a size modifier since they would need to be 9 feet tall to get a SM +1. For their being more robust than even their high ST accounts for they get 2 extra HP [4]. I felt they should have a HT of 11 because only the healthiest would probably survive their lifestyle. So that would give them HT +1 [10]. They have tough skin that gives them DR 1 [3] on their torso (their skin is thicker there than elsewhere on their bodies). Their trunk acts as an Extra Arm (Extra Flexible, Weak 1/2 ST) [13]. They no longer have the Racial Memory or the Extended Lifespan.

They don’t have much in the way of physical disadavantages (as a race), but they are a bit slower than you would expect which gives them a -0.25 Basic Speed [-5]. Due to their rather clumsy, large-fingered hands they suffer from Ham Fisted 1 [-1] (modified because it doesn’t affect their trunks). They have -1 to IQ and Will [-15] (Perception stays at 10) due to their inbreeding and general feral nature.

Cultural Stuff
Feral Arajay are TL 0 while the rest of the world is primarily TL 3, so Feral Arajay will have Low TL -3 [-15].
Most feral Arajay will have an Intolerance of non-Arajay [-10] and they will have the Social Stigma (Uneducated) [-5] and be illiterate [-3].
Male Feral Arajay total out at [36] points and females total out at [16]. I would never expect these guys to be PC’s so I am only including point values for the sake of completeness.

feral arahjay male
A feral male Arajay with their common spear-thrower/clubs (they hold spare javelins with their trunk).
feral arahjay female
A feral female Arajay. This pic really shows the detail of their two-fingered hands.

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