Domibian Races: #2 Spawn of Enegala

A quick disclaimer: I am in the process of rewriting (or rather redrawing) my map of Domibia and nailing down the final dispersion of the various cultures. Until I get that done I am going to be concentrating on races that are either isolated (and don’t require as much geographic info) or are without a culture hearth (usually these are predatory races that prey on and live amongst the human cultures.

If anybody actually read my Arajay creation story/poem they may remember reference to the Other. The Other has come to be called Enegala and functions as the Devil for both the Arajay and the newer human/demi-human races. For millenia Enegala has brooded beneath the surface of the world, remembering that Araj, his creator tried to destroy him.

He is the personification of unrestrained creation, spawning a multitude of creatures and mutating others through his taint. He isn’t neccessarily evil but he does appear that way to those he mutates or those slain by his creations.

I’ll deal with bargaining with him for magicical power when I tackle Domibian magic.

For now I want to deal with Enegala’s spawn. This is one of the more difficult “races” to convert from my SAFUG system. Because of the huge variety of types that Enegala creates it is hard to make up an average set of stats. Anyone with a knowledge of Runequest’s Glorantha can think of Enegala as a slightly more benign source of chaos and chaotic features.

Originally (in SAFUG) each attribute was rolled on 1d8 d6’s, for an “average” of 16 for each attribute. But I don’t want to have to introduce d8’s to GURPS (but if you have a d8 just use it). If you choose to not use a d8, for each of the attributes (I treat Perc & Will as distinct from IQ) roll 2d-3 (min 1) and roll that many dice for the attribute. This gives an average of 16 but makes the lower and higher ends less likely. Some Enegalan spawn have Magery, if you want to roll randomly, then use 5d-25.
For attractiveness (or lack thereof) roll 3d: 17-18:Horrific, 15-16:Monstrous, 13-14:Hideous, 11-12:Ugly, 9-10:Unattractive, 8-7:Average, 6:Attractive, 5:Handsome/Beautiful, 4:Very Handsome/Beautiful, 3:Trancendent.

For size, roll 2d-5 for the size modifier and then approximate the height and weight using the table on B19.

Then we need to figure out what sort of “chaotic features” or mutations it has. Currently I only have the “chaos” tables for the Savage Worlds system (swiped from the Realms of Cthulhu book), so I need to convert it all to GURPS.

Here is the Savage Worlds system chaotic features table (I am in the process of converting it to GURPS). Use it as follows.
Chaos Abilities: Make a Will roll, a success grants a roll on the Chaos Abilities Table, every four points the roll succeeds by grants an additional roll.
Chaos Edges: Make a Will roll, a success grants a roll on the Chaos Edges Table,
every four points the roll succeeds by grants an additional roll.
Chaos Gifts: Make a Will roll, a success grants a roll on the Minor Chaos Gifts Table, every six points the roll succeeds by grants an additional roll.
Hindrances: Each failed Will roll (above) requires that a Chaos Hindrance be rolled.

The spawn of Enegala can be found in any locale, with some regions being tainted to a greater extent than others. Some form groups with some form of leadership, others are solitary. They sometimes speak a local language but often can speak (or understand) their own tongue, refered to as Primordial by scholars. Use Basque as an analog for naming purposes (for the more intelligent spawn).

Here are some examples of Enegalan spawn.

enegalan girl
Here is a fairly human looking Enegalan.
enegalan blob
Here is a totally non-human looking Enegalan.
Here is a freakish Enegalan abnormality.

Racial Write-Ups

#6 Zarugiza
#5 Vormade
#4 The Ready
#3 M’rrr
#2 Spawn of Enegala
#1a Feral Arajay
#1 Arajay


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