Domibian Races: #3 M’rrr

Here is one of the more loathsome races on Domibia, the M’rrr.

The M’rrr are an all-male race of carrion feeding humanoids. They live about 1/3 as long as a human and mature much faster as a result. All M’rrr have ovaries as well as male reproductive organs, when a M’rrr ejaculates he provides both egg and sperm. M’rrr procreate by ejaculating into a cadaver; preferably a large one, and letting the egg develop inside the corpse. Some of the “hosts” DNA is utilized and individual M’rrr will sometimes have minor traits inherited from corpse they were planted in. The gestation period of a M’rrr is three months. Infant M’rrr (which resemble large grubs) are fed blood from the parent and can start taking solid food within 2 months.
They have heavy claws that are used for defense as well as feeding. The bite or claw of a M’rrr can infect someone with a virulent disease commonly referred to as “Corpse Fever”.
M’rrr are rarely encountered in groups, preferring a solitary lifestyle. M’rrr tend to be very cautious due to the loathing with which others regard them. They all are very lucky and have an uncanny ability to escape if threatened.

So, going from my original SAFUG write-up they are 10’s across the board except HT (12), EDU (4) and LUCK (13). So for GURPS they should have a +1 to HT [10], Social Stigma: Uneducated [-5] and have Luck [15].

They have Blunt Claws [3] and Sharp Teeth [1].
Affliction: Corpse Fever [1] (see details below) (I’m not 100% sure I did the math right on this…)
Reduced Consumption 2: Cast-Iron Stomach [2]. They require the same amount of food but quality isn’t an issue (since they eat decomposing flesh), they also get +2 to avoid food-borne disease.
Resistant: Common: Sickness [8]. They get +8 to resist diseases and environmental syndromes.
Luck [15]
Serendipity [15]

Low TL [-15] The M’rrr don’t create tools usually, they simply use what they can scavenge.
Short Lifespan 2 [-20] They are mature at 4 years and begin aging rolls at 12 years (roll every 3 months).

Suggested Cultural Disadvantages
Illiterate [-3] There is no written form of their language.
Social Stigma: Monster [-15] Because of their nature, in a campaign where they aren’t the PC’s, they should have this.

They average 5’7″ and around 140 lbs. though they look shorter because they are slightly hunched over.
Their language sounds like a mouth full of saliva and is called M’rrr by anyone caring to classify it.
Their deity is refered to as J’m’rrr and any worship is on an individual level.

Corpse Fever
Vector: Blood (claw or bite) or Contact (with an infected person)
Resistance Roll: HT+1 (HT+4 for contact, just to avoid contracting the disease, once you have it use the HT+1 to shake it off). Remember to use the Contagion modifiers on B443.
Delay: 1-3 days
Damage: 1d-1 toxic
Cycles: 15 8-hour cycles (5 days)
Symptoms: General body pain (Moderate pain -2), malaise (treat as Absent-Mindedness), fever

M'rrr-FLATTENED cropped
Here is a M’rrr with some scavenged equipment. Note the adorable baby at his feet…

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