Domibian Races: #4 The Ready

Here is another villain race. This time made up of literal murder hobos.

The Ready look like standard humans, however, they are able to change their appearance by concentrating. No clothing or equipment will change, only facial/body features and hair and skin color. They can only mimic features that they are aware of, so if they impersonate a person that they have only seen clothed, they will not be able to mimic any features of that persons torso or legs. All stats will stay the same and the Ready’s voice will remain unchanged. They will not receive any of the skills or abilities of the person that they are mimicking.

The Ready live in tightly knit clans of up to 10 – 30 people. A single charismatic individual, usually a male who is often the “father” of many of the members, usually leads them. Members of the clan will often try to emulate the leader and the clan he leads will often try to mirror his personality.

The Ready suffer from a psychological need to commit murder. Going longer than a week without killing requires control rolls to avoid lashing out and slaying someone you may not want to. Often times the group, while posing as traveling entertainers of mercenaries, will adopt a member just so they have a victim when needed.

The Ready have two ways to procreate. The first is the traditional way, with a male and female Ready. The second way is by having sexual contact with a male Ready. This causes a two week long process that they refer to as Baking because of the fever that the victim runs. After the two weeks are over the victim must make a HT+5 roll to avoid dying and if successful, they have become one of The Ready.

Their deity, Selrok, is only worshipped on a “familial” level.
They speak whatever languages that members of the group know, there is no language specific to the race and Selrok seeded them throughout the human(oid) inhabited regions of Domibia.

The males are average 5’7″ and 140 lbs, the females average 5’5″ and 125 lbs. “Baked” members of different races will have whatever height and weight they had when they were converted.


Going by my original SAFUG stats, male Ready have a Sanity and Willpower of 8 and an Education of 4. Females are the same but also have a Strength of 9.

In GURPS terms they should have -2 Will [-10] (if converted from a different race, the new Ready would lose two points of Will). The lower Sanity would probably be best modelled by giving 10 points in mental disadvantages. The low Education (murder hobos have no time for school!) could be modeled with Social Stigma: Uneducated  [-5], but a convert would not neccessarily have this. Non-convert Ready should probably have Illiterate [-3].
The lower Strength for the females can be ignored if you dislike sexual dimorphism in your games, but is pretty common on Domibia (for NPC’s at least). If you are going to use it, it should be modeled with (non-canonical) Lower Arm ST -1 [-5].

Should The Ready have a -30 point Secret? The trouble is that most people have no idea that they exist. Violence in a world like this is fairly common and the limited shapeshifting could be attributed to magic of some sort, assuming it was noticed at all. The Ready have become pretty good at blending in and not drawing attention to themselves. As long as all the individuial members of the clan can join in the weekly murder, it satisfies their craving. That keeps the body count pretty low.

Special Abilities

Shapeshifting (Morph); Cosmetic Only, takes 10 seconds [50].

Dominance: Infectious Procreation, No Slave Mentality (instead they have a +2 reaction bonus to their “father”), Roll HT+5 to avoid death after 2 weeks of fever (treat as Drowsy B428). Only male Ready have this ability! [20]

Uncontrollable Appetite: Murder (12), Mitigator (Weekly murder) [-5] The control number of 12 is pretty typical, but individual Ready may have higher or lower values.

Summary (adding all the suggested disadvantages)

Ready male [37 points]:

Attribute Modifiers: None [0]

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Will -2 [-10]ready male

Advantages: Dominance [20], Shapeshifting (Morph) [50]

Disadvantages: Illiterate [-3], Social Stigma (Uneducated) [-5], Uncontrollable Apetite (Murder) [-5], Various mental disadvantages [-10]

Features: None.
Ready female [12 points]:

Attribute Modifiers: None [0]

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Will -2 [-10]G rated ready female

Advantages: Shapeshifting (Morph) [50]

Disadvantages: Illiterate [-3], Lower Arm ST -1 [-5], Social Stigma (Uneducated) [-5], Uncontrollable Apetite (Murder) [-5], Various mental disadvantages [-10]

Features: None.

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