Domibian Races: #5 Vormade

More bad guy types. The Vormade are a race of psychic vampires.

The Vormade are a race of psychic vampires that look like normal, somewhat
androgynous humans and are able to completely change their gender through an hour-long process of meditation. The Vormade have no real culture of their own and always live among other human societies. Like The Ready, not many people realize that the Vormade even exist and they take pains to keep things that way.

They tend to be self-absorbed, callous and are given to sadism.
Their psychic powers are usually latent until they enter puberty at which point they
develop several powerful abilities. A Vormade (current) female who gives birth will get a Vormade baby, Vormade males produce a regular member of whatever race they mated with.

The Vormade god, Destay, is rarely worshipped at more than a familial level, teaches his
followers to “make not amends for thine pleasures”.

As with most of these parasite races the Vormade have no language of their own.


Using my original SAFUG write-up for these folks they have a Sanity of 8, a Will of 12 and an Education of 5. As with The Ready the SAN of 8 is best represented by taking 10 points in mental disadvantages focussed on callousness and sadism. They should have Will +2 and possibly Social Status: Uneducated and Illiterate (this depends heavily on what culture they grew up within).


The Vormade have some VERY powerful abilities. They can exude an odorless respiratory agent that causes lecherousness within a 2 yd area. This is used for fun as well as blackmail fodder and creating of allies. They have a full complement of psychic vampirism abilities, Drain ST, DX, IQ, HT as well as Drain Emotion, Steal Dreams and Energy and finally Steal Life. They also have a strong defensive ability in that they are a Mana Damper out to 2 yds, which lowers the usual mana level from Regular to No Mana.

Vormade [175 points]

Attribute Modifiers: None [0]

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Will +2 [10]


  • Affliction 2: Lecherous (9) (Emanation, Area Effect (2 yds)), Extended Duration (x3), vormade femalePersistent (10 sec), Respiratory Agent (No Signature) roll HT-1 to resist [57]
  • Hermaphromorph (Preparation Required: 1 hr of meditation) [3]
  • Mana Damper 2 (Area Effect, 2 yds) [40]
  • Psychic Vampirism (Drain ST) (Drain HT, IQ & DX are taken as Alternate Abilities) [39]
  • Psychic Vampirism (Steal Energy) (Steal Dreams, Drain Emotions & Steal Life are taken as Alternate Abilities) [44]

Disadvantages: Illiterate [-3], Social Stigma (Uneducated) [-5], Various mental disadvantages (Callous & Selfish are likely) [-10]

Features: None.

What do I do with them?

The Vormade make for a wonderful villain in a long-running campaign. Their unique abilities make it easy for them to infiltrate governments and twist things to their own selfish ends. Have them be a trusted advisor or courtier who runs things secretly from behind the scenes.

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