Domibian Races: #6 Zarugiza

Ok, let’s take a break from villainous races and look at a race of intelligent, large ravens who have “colonies” throughout the planet.

The Zarugiza are large, 3-4 ft tall ravens with around a 14 to 16 ft wingspan. They travel in flocks of up to 50 or so members.
They tend to be nomadic, but will often return to a suitable nesting site for several years in a row. Though nomadic they do practice limited agriculture, sowing seeds in anticipation of their return at a later date. This assures them of a plentiful food supply near favorite sites.
In addition to grain and fruit, Zarugiza will eat fresh meat on occasion, as well as fish. Carrion is avoided, as it is the food of their unintelligent cousins.
The main source of entertainment among the Zarugiza is storytelling. With no written
language this is, by necessity, an oral tradition. Several Zarugiza epics have been adapted by human listeners and with little modification are quite popular.
Zarugiza will trade with humans that they trust. They will exchange information or stories for food or jewelry. They will also help farmers that they like with pest control, in exchange for a portion of the harvest.
The Zarugiza have explored most of the planet and have contact with almost every race (including the Arajay). This makes them a wonderful source of information and they are happy to share in exchange for tools they can use, or food.
Their god, Oronazin, has no temples per se but there are locations that are sanctified and used for religious ceremonies on a seasonal basis.
They speak Ahngli (analog= 19th century American English) and have no written version.

Racial abilities

Looking at the write-up using SAFUG the Zarugiza have Strength of 8, Agility and Speed of 12 but a Dexterity of 5. Intelligence is 12 but Education is only 5 (they don’t have any organized learning).

So ST is easy. An 8 seems sensible for a large bird. A DX of 12 and a +0.5 to Basic Speed works, with Ham Fisted 2 representing what poor manipulators their feet are. Social Stigma: Uneducated works for the EDU of 5, since they have no formal schooling at all and are also Illiterate.

Zarugiza [74 points]

Attribute Modifiers: ST -2 [-20], DX +2 [40], IQ +2 [40]

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Basic Move -2 (Ground movement only) [-10], Basic Speed +0.5 [10]zarugiza female


  • Absolute Direction [5]
  • Eidetic Memory (IQ to recall specifics) [5]
  • Enhanced Move (Air) 1.5 (max flying speed 18) [30]
  • Flight: Winged, No Hovering, Costs 2 FP for *unassisted take-off  [22]
  • Teeth: Sharp Beak [1]

Disadvantages: Congenial** [-1], Illiterate [-3], Ham Fisted 2 [-10], Low TL -3 [-15], No Depth Perception [-15], Social Stigma (Uneducated) [-5]

Features: SM -2.

*Unassisted take-off meaning not from higher ground, like a tree or a cliff… just flapping to get airborne. The FP is only for the initial take-off, so I only gave a -5% modifier for it.
**Congenial is a very typical cultural trait, but isn’t universal for the race.

What do I do with them?

The Zarugiza are usually too affable (and physically weak) to be opponents, but they make a good plot hook. They are a font of information, not all of it useful, but some of it may be. They also make excellent scouts/spies.

Other Racial Write-Ups

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