Back again!

Well, I did move, but I lost track of my blogging and now it has been two years since my “short hiatus” began.

I have been working on some non-Domibia projects in the intervening years, including another world-building effort for a place called Testudo. And now I am prepping for a large-scale dimension/time travel camapign (for GURPS). I say large-scale because there are 24 PC’s (a handful of whom haven’t been chosen by a player) and 4 NPC Allies.

I once again used a Central Casting book (Heroes Now, this time) to create the PC’s and NPC’s. Because the campaign is involving people who were not planning on becoming dimension/time jumpers I decided to just randomly create all of the characters. I have nine players who have picked two PC’s each (a primary and a secondary). It is highly unlikely that all nine will ever be playing at the same time, so I am planning on having several concurrent plots going and decide which I will run at a given session by who is going to be there. The non-chosen PC’s will be there if there is ever a guest player who doesn’t have a character to play.

I provided the players with a list of the characters, but no real game stats, so they would choose them by background and personality. It seemed to work out pretty well. We’ll see what happens when I actually get a chance to run the thing…

Here are the descriptions that I provided the players to pick from:

1. [129] 27 year old African American who grew up in the Seattle area. Always dreamed of being a ship’s captain, but didn’t get farther that serving on some large fishing ships. Instead they ended up going to University of Washington and getting a degree in Business Management. This isn’t a very nice person, they have a lot of disadvantages (ex: Greedy, Laziness, Selfish, etc) that make them unlikable. They do speak Japanese and have really good attributes. Seems like a good back-up character for someone.

2. [66] 26 year old American (mutt) who grew up in the Visalia CA area. They were raised by an older sister and have a twin. They went to vocational school and are now working as a stone mason. There isn’t a lot to sell this character, they have some goodish survival skills and is smart and dexterous.

3. [83] 24 year old Hispanic American (Costa Rican descent) who grew up in Redding CA. They ran away from home at 12 and never returned. They became involved with a gang in Buffalo NY and besides acting as low-grade muscle the gang leadership saw that the character was pretty smart so they investing in sending the PC to college. The PC has tons of electronics skills and is fairly well rounded. Again, an excellent back-up character.

4. [65] 22 year old American (mutt) who grew up in rural Tennessee. They have some good survival skills and are smart and perceptive. Other than that, they don’t have too much going for them (they work at Walmart). They could be good in an outdoorsy situation.

5. [80] 25 year old of Laotian descent who grew up in Bellflower CA. They can do a little bit of everything, but none of it very well. They are a HS drop-out and have worked driving trucks around the LA-OC region. They can sing really well, and can handle themselves in a fistfight. This is another “utility infielder” who might be a good back-up for a main PC.


Antente sample character

I decided that I will post an example/sample character for each of the races as I write them up. Currently GURPS 4th is my game of choice, so that is what I will be writing them up for (after rolling them randomly using SAFUG (for fun)).

So, here is an Antente character.

I rolled Zepherine up using my SAFUG system and then converted her to GURPS (I find it more fun to roll NPC’s randomly and then create the backstory for their attributes). I also used the old Central Casting: Heroes of Legend book to generate her background (again, I like being surprised as the GM). The lower Speed and the Ham-Fisted disad were taken to simulate the fact that her whole body agility is greater than her fine motor skills (per the SAFUG rolls).

Zepherine was born into a very poor family, the third of ten children. Her father, Henri, made a bare living as a wood cutter, clearing land for other poor farmers. By the time she was five she had started helping out and by the time she was a teen she was at home in the woods and supplementing the family income by poaching in the royal game reserves.

When she was 12 she began selling poached venison to a local crime boss who was so impressed with her avarice and pluck that he introduced her to a criminal colleague by the name of Jacque Un Oeil. Jacque was a smuggler and sometime pirate who operated in the main port of Mandelemer. She worked for Jacque on a pirate ship for a year, sailing all along the coast and looting foreign merchant ships.

When traveling home to show off how well she was doing to her siblings and parents she was arrested for her association with a known pirate and being a probable smuggler. After several weeks of fairly mild torture she still did not confess anything and her situation came to the attention of the Comtesse Fanchette DuBois who owned the land that Zepherine had grown up on. She admired the girl’s willpower and loyalty to her bosses and decided that she would be a useful pawn in the daily intrigues that bubbled around Reine Anais XIII’s court.

Comtesse DuBois who was 76 was surprised that she enjoyed the company of Zepherine, who she was pleased to learn was intelligent and perceptive. Thus began an unusual friendship that continues to this day. The Comtesse taught Zepherine to comport herself amongst aristocrats (somewhat) and also instructed her in theology. When Zepherine was 16 she was given a ring bearing the Comtesse’s seal and a letter explaining that she was to be treated as a landowner. Even though this is largely symbolic, Zepherine is extremely proud of her semi-landed status and is extremely careful of the letter and ring.

During her continued exploits as a low-level pirate she met and befriended a Treori (think faun) circus performer named Short-horn the Juggler. She and Short-horn spent a lot of time carousing and getting into small scale adventures while she traveled with the circus. She and Short-horn remain friends and try to get in contact whenever possible.

Zepherine is impulsive, greedy and somewhat thoughtless, but has a good heart when you get past her tough exterior. She is not a stand-up fighter and prefers ambushing and then taking prisoners when possible. She spends her money as fast as she makes it and always seems to be broke. She would make a viable PC, but her lack of real armor could make it tough in a combat heavy campaign.

Zepherine la Puce (the Flea)
20 year old Antente female

ST : 10 HP: 10 Speed: 6.00 [-5]

DX: 14 [80] Will: 13 [10] Move: 6

IQ: 11 [20] Per: 13 [10] Height & Weight: 5’7” 130 lbs.

HT: 11 [10] FP: 11 SM: 0

Dodge: 9 Parry: 10

Social Background
TL: 3 [0]
Cultural Familiarities: Antente (Native) [0].
Languages: Ahngli (Accented/None) [2]; Lan (Broken/None) [1]; Wansi (Native/None) [0].
The Ahngli she learned from her Treori friend and Lan is a sort of lingua franca in seafaring regions.

Advantages [29]

Ally (Short-horn the Juggler) (75% of starting points) (6 or less) [2], Appearance (Beautiful) [12], Patrons (Comtesse Fanchette DuBois) (6 or less; Special Abilities: extensive social or political power) [8], Status (+1) (Gadget/Can Be Stolen: Thief must win a Quick Contest of DX or ST) [4]

Disadvantages [-60]

Duty (Comtesse DuBois) (6 or less (quite rarely)) [-2], Greed (12 or less) [-15], Ham-Fisted (-1) [-5], Impulsiveness (12 or less) [-10], Overconfidence (15 or less) [-2], Selfish (15 or less) [-2], Sense of Duty (Comtesse DuBois) (Individual) [-2], Sense of Duty (Short-horn the Juggler) (Individual) [-2], Social Stigma (Criminal Record) [-5], Wealth (Poor) [-15]

Quirks [-3]

Easily Frustrated [-1], Proud (of status) [-1], Romantic [-1], Shows off with her foreign cutlass [-1]

Skills [59]

Area Knowledge (Coast of Bradelemar) IQ/E – IQ+0 11 [1], Area Knowledge (Local woodlands) IQ/E – IQ+2 13 [4], Armoury/TL3 (Bowyer/Fletcher) IQ/A – IQ+0 11 [2], Axe/Mace DX/A – DX+0 14 [2], Bow DX/A – DX+0 14 [2], Brawling DX/E – DX+2 16 [4], Carousing HT/E – HT+1 12 [2], Climbing DX/A – DX+0 14 [2], Fast-Talk IQ/A – IQ+1 12 [4], Holdout IQ/A – IQ-1 10 [1], Knife DX/E – DX+2 16 [4], Knot-Tying DX/E – DX-3 11 [1], includes: -3 from ‘Ham-Fisted’, Naturalist (Domibia) IQ/H – IQ-1 10 [2], Navigation/TL3 (Land) IQ/A – IQ+0 11 [2], Professional Skill (Wood Cutter) IQ/E – IQ+1 12 [2], Running HT/A – HT+0 11 [2], Savoir-Faire (High Society) IQ/E – IQ+0 11 [1], Seamanship/TL3 IQ/E – IQ+1 12 [2], Shortsword DX/A – DX+0 14 [2], Stealth DX/A – DX+1 15 [4], Streetwise IQ/A – IQ+1 12 [4], Survival (Woodlands) Per/A – Per+1 14 [4], Theology (Riante) IQ/H – IQ-2 9 [1], Thrown Weapon (Knife) DX/E – DX+0 14 [1], Urban Survival Per/A – Per+0 13 [2], Wrestling DX/A – DX+0 14 [2]

Stats [125] Ads [29] Disads [-60] Quirks [-3] Skills [59] = Total [150]

Hand Weapons

1 Cutlass $500 Wgt:2
Swing Dam:1d cut Reach:1 Parry:10 ST:8
Thrust Dam:1d-1 imp Reach:1 Parry:10 ST:8
Hilt punch Dam:1d-2 cr Reach:C Parry:11 ST: Skill: Brawling

1 Dagger $20 Wgt:.25
Dam:1d-3 imp Reach:C Parry:10 ST:5

1 Hatchet $40 Wgt:2
Dam:1d cut Reach:1 Parry:10 ST:8

1 Small Knife $30 Wgt:.5
Swing Dam:1d-3 cut Reach:C, 1 Parry:10 ST:5
Thrust Dam:1d-3 imp Reach:C Parry:10 ST:5

Ranged Weapons

1 Dagger Dam:1d-3 imp Acc:0 Range:5 / 10
RoF:1 Shots:T(1) ST:5 Bulk:-1 Rcl:- $20 Wgt:.25

1 Hatchet Dam:1d cut Acc:1 Range:15 / 25
RoF:1 Shots:T(1) ST:8 Bulk:-2 Rcl:- $40 Wgt:2

1 Short Bow (ST 10) Dam:1d-2 imp Acc:1 Range:150 / 200
RoF:1 Shots:1(2) ST:7† Bulk:-6 Rcl:- $50 Wgt:1.5 Notes:[3]

1 Small Knife Dam:1d-3 imp Acc:0 Range:5 / 10
RoF:1 Shots:T(1) ST:5 Bulk:-1 Rcl:- $30 Wgt:.5

Armor & Possessions

10 Arrow $20 Wgt:1 Location: Quiver
1 Boots, Light Leather $50 Wgt:1.5 Location: Feet
1 Leather, Light (Torso) $180 Wgt:3.3 Location: Torso
1 Ordinary Clothes (Status +0) $120 Wgt:2 Location: Body
1 Shoulder Quiver $30 Wgt:1.5 Location: Shoulder