Dimension Hopping Game, Session 1

I compiled this from several posts on my game’s Facebook page, so please forgive any formatting errors, inside jokes, etc… Hopefully everything still makes sense.


Finally I was able to kick the campaign off this last Friday! I had fewer players than hoped for, but there were three which is enough to give the game critical mass.
We had Tony V playing his still-to-be-named primary character, known from here out as “Tony’s PC” while I ran his NPC Ally wife.
Patrick P playing Steven Abbott Jackson, “Abb” for short.
And Sara P playing Kokoko “Koko” Onnen

The game started with all the PC’s (including the folks who were unable to attend) camping in Yellowstone Park on Oct 18th 2018. Ominous events began slowly with an NPC announcing that they shouldn’t call it Old Faithful, because they waited for half and hour and the geyser never blew.
Next were a couple of minor earthquakes (the PC’s from California id’ed them as being around 3.5 or so). A couple of NPC’s decided to head home because the tremors spooked them. They showed back up within 30 minutes stating that the roads were so jammed with people that they couldn’t get more than a couple of miles.
All the PC’s started gather up survival gear from their cars at this point. After another couple of larger jolts, a ranger’s truck went careening down the nearby access road. Abb at this point decided to investigate things and took Tony’s PC (who is 7’5″ tall) and followed the ranger to the ranger station they knew was down the road.

So after getting to the ranger station and finding the ranger inside talking frantically to someone on the phone about getting a helicopter sent to pick him up, “Abb” confronts him and informs him that “my friend is wondering what is going on” while gesturing to Tony’s enormous character.
The ranger (named Allan) hemmed and hawed and asked them to leave. Abb, on leaving, checked the guy’s SUV and found it unlocked… so he took the shotgun and went back inside to confront Allan. Understandably alarmed by this guy pointing his own shotgun at him, Allan admitted that he knew a guy with access to a Chinook helicopter and was trying to get out of the park, finally admitting that Jackson Lake had “drained” and he was afraid that the entire caldera the park sits in was going to explode.
After disarming Allan, it was decided that they would collect as many as they could from the campground (close to 40 folks) and await Allan’s friend. Tony’s PC went back to the campsite and gathered up his wife. Koko (Sara’s PC) started helping folks gather useful equipment and herding them down the dirt road to the ranger’s station.
At this time there had been several larger quakes and a fairly large fire seemed to be burning in the west. Most of the group were understandably nervous and happy to hear that the ranger had someone with a helicopter that would rescue them.
Fast forward through more preparation and alarming events (quakes, burning rocks falling from the sky, and what felt like a two-foot drop in the ground), Abb is trying to keep folks from panicking and Koko is monitoring the radio and Tony’s PC was just kind of observing while trying to keep his wife safe.
As things continued to get worse, the helicopter pilot radioed Allan to let him know that the whole northern part (where he was coming through from) was filled with smoke and ash that he needed to go around to avoid damage to the helo. All this time they were getting sporadic bursts of what seemed to be CB radio interference announcing the immenent arrival of the End Times and other apocalyptic statements. Most of these only last a brief period but then Tennessee Ernie Ford’s version of Bringing in the Sheaves started blaring out of the radio no matter what Koko did to re-tune it.

A few minutes after Bringing in the Sheaves began one of the NPC’s announced that there was someone walking out of the forest. A group (including Abb and To Be Named) went out to meet what turned out to be an older gentleman wearing what appeared to be Puritan outfit. When closer they could see that the legs of his pants wear burned off below the knees and he was shoeless. The man greeted them by stating that he was “indeed a man of my majority, though I find myself in short britches”. He then introduced himself as Aleazar Mather, and he was there to help everyone.

eleazar mather 2
Against his better judgement Abb let the odd fellow into the ranger station where he proceeded to inform everyone that they should attend his words as he had a bargain for them. He told them that soon a pyroclastic flow would be sweeping through the park and kill all in its path. To avoid this fate, all that was required was that they take his hands, or those of their neighbor and accept the offer being made by his benefactress (he wouldn’t reveal her name).
Right around this time a really big quake hit, (maybe an 8.0+) and people started to panic.
A glance out the window revealed a giant wall of ash hurtling at them (still a couple of miles away, but hundreds of feet high). A variety of NPC’s chose not to take his “devil’s bargain” and fled, as he explained that certain death awaited. The PC’s all reached out to grab nearby hands as the wall of ash approached them, figuring they had nothing to lose. Then the windows blew in at 450 mph.

After a brief unconsciousness (perceived), all the characters awoke, submerged in 4 feet of sea water off a nice sandy beach. All were nude (their players no doubt cursing me for letting them write down equipment from the ranger station), and obviously disoriented. Aleazar was nowhere to be seen, but three men were standing on the beach behind a folding table covered with robes.
Two of the men, who were all wearing suits, helped everyone by handing them robes and gently directing them out of the mild surf. The third man just sat and watched the naked women.
They announced that they were solicitors of the firm Lant, Dunn & Bray and that they represented the PC’s benefactress, named Rigantona (ree-ann-tona) and they were there to help.
After herding everyone up to an abandoned-looking resort hotel, they announced that the local year was 1983 and they were on the island of Herm in the Guernsey chain (in the English Channel).

Herm island

Cue disbelieving confusion and hand-wringing…

Over glasses (or bottles for Koko) of whiskey, it was told to everyone that they were now indentured servants to Rigantona, who would be having them act as interdimensional trouble-shooters. The world that they found themselves in had suffered a WWIII that evidently included nukes and chemical warfare. The Isle of Herm was safe from radioactive and chemical damage because it was a pre-historic holy site for Rigantona (a Celtic goddess) and she was protecting it.

More disbelieving hand-wringing…

So, the short version is that the characters are stuck here on a pleasant island, with horsies to ride, a partially sunk US naval transport ship to loot for goodies, and a way to visit some place called Nakashima-sans for rest and relaxation.
They just can’t leave the island for longer than 30 days without becoming ill and eventually dying. They also have some cool abilities to help them survive being interdimensional trouble-shooters:
Modular Ability [20]
10 pts (Skills and Mental Advantages only) [100]
Immediate Preparation Required (Requires 1 hour of Meditation) -75%
Fickle (use the Meditation roll as the reaction roll) -5%
Patron [12]
Frequency of Appearance <6
Requires Reaction roll
Damage Resistance 5 [5]
Ablative -80%
Duty [-7]
6 or less [-2]
Extremely Hazardous [-5]
Dependency (Herm Island) [-30]
Monthly: Lose 1 HP per day after missing a monthly dose. x1

Next session will be some exploration and then their first mission!



Dimension Hopping Campaign

I really need to come up with a catchier name than that…

The basic premise for the campaign is that a group of strangers (except the PC’s with NPC spouses or friends) are visiting/camping in Yellowstone National Park when the giant super volcano it is atop becomes active. The primary reason for this is to make sure that the players have a very good reason to go along with the offer they receive from this man:

Eleazar Mather

Who comes walking up to the ranger station that the crowd of PC’s will be taking refuge in and inform them of their impending doom. He does, however, have an alternative to being incinerated by the explosion and that is to agree to work for his patron.

Assuming that the players go along with this idea they will all be asked to hold hands while he sings Bringing In the Sheaves. As they watch the pyroclastic cloud hurtle towards them, they suddenly find themselves under water on a shallow beach. They are all nude and confused, and can see three men waiting on the beach with robes for them.

The three men introduce themselves as solicitors of the law firm of Lant, Dunn & Bray and they are the intermediaries for the mysterious benefactress (they use female pronouns when refering to her) who has rescued the PC’s. The beach is located on the island of Herm which is about 2 miles from the isle of Guernsey in the English Channel. In this version of Earth there had been a massive third world war between the Soviets and the west in 1985. Nobody else lives on the island and the characters will have free reign to make it into whatever kind of base they like. There is a smallish hotel and a partially sunk container ship filled with food and equipment a few hundred feet from one of the beaches.

Anyways, that is the bare bones of the introductory scene.

The campaign will focus on the PC’s being sent on various errands/missions. Most of these are going to be “righting wrongs” of one type or another. Stopping demons and black magicians, fixing grave threats to some timeline, etc.

The first mission is going to send the group (whichever PC’s the players who are present choose to send) back to 1910 Rhode Island where an 11 year old boy with a brain tumor is opening a portal to the distant past and letting dinosaurs through. Actually only one dinosaur so far. A deinonychus that has already killed a hunter and is cruising around the vast woodland around the town (Burrilville).

I suspect that just one deinonychus will be more than a match for the party (I don’t want to kill anyone this early in the campaign, but it should scare the crap out of them). I am going to run this like a GURPS Monster Hunter scenario, with the party looking for clues and making rolls for deductions.

I found a great pic of the dino!

More to follow…

Back again!

Well, I did move, but I lost track of my blogging and now it has been two years since my “short hiatus” began.

I have been working on some non-Domibia projects in the intervening years, including another world-building effort for a place called Testudo. And now I am prepping for a large-scale dimension/time travel camapign (for GURPS). I say large-scale because there are 24 PC’s (a handful of whom haven’t been chosen by a player) and 4 NPC Allies.

I once again used a Central Casting book (Heroes Now, this time) to create the PC’s and NPC’s. Because the campaign is involving people who were not planning on becoming dimension/time jumpers I decided to just randomly create all of the characters. I have nine players who have picked two PC’s each (a primary and a secondary). It is highly unlikely that all nine will ever be playing at the same time, so I am planning on having several concurrent plots going and decide which I will run at a given session by who is going to be there. The non-chosen PC’s will be there if there is ever a guest player who doesn’t have a character to play.

I provided the players with a list of the characters, but no real game stats, so they would choose them by background and personality. It seemed to work out pretty well. We’ll see what happens when I actually get a chance to run the thing…

Here are the descriptions that I provided the players to pick from:

1. [129] 27 year old African American who grew up in the Seattle area. Always dreamed of being a ship’s captain, but didn’t get farther that serving on some large fishing ships. Instead they ended up going to University of Washington and getting a degree in Business Management. This isn’t a very nice person, they have a lot of disadvantages (ex: Greedy, Laziness, Selfish, etc) that make them unlikable. They do speak Japanese and have really good attributes. Seems like a good back-up character for someone.

2. [66] 26 year old American (mutt) who grew up in the Visalia CA area. They were raised by an older sister and have a twin. They went to vocational school and are now working as a stone mason. There isn’t a lot to sell this character, they have some goodish survival skills and is smart and dexterous.

3. [83] 24 year old Hispanic American (Costa Rican descent) who grew up in Redding CA. They ran away from home at 12 and never returned. They became involved with a gang in Buffalo NY and besides acting as low-grade muscle the gang leadership saw that the character was pretty smart so they investing in sending the PC to college. The PC has tons of electronics skills and is fairly well rounded. Again, an excellent back-up character.

4. [65] 22 year old American (mutt) who grew up in rural Tennessee. They have some good survival skills and are smart and perceptive. Other than that, they don’t have too much going for them (they work at Walmart). They could be good in an outdoorsy situation.

5. [80] 25 year old of Laotian descent who grew up in Bellflower CA. They can do a little bit of everything, but none of it very well. They are a HS drop-out and have worked driving trucks around the LA-OC region. They can sing really well, and can handle themselves in a fistfight. This is another “utility infielder” who might be a good back-up for a main PC.