Text from creation myth

I am poking through Domibia stuff that I have already written in search of what I would like to remain canon (and is non system specific). And I came across this. For those who don’t know how Domibia came to be, here is a short history:

  • Araj (the Prime Mover) created the world.
  • Araj created a sort of sidekick that could appreciate his creations, just known as the Other in ancient texts.
  • The Other gets tired of being just a spectator and decides to create stuff as well.
  • Araj tries to kill the Other.
  • Araj creates the Arajay, a race of bipedal elephants (roughly) who acts as his worshipers and custodians of the planet for the next 5000 years.
  • Araj decides to spice things up by creating several other races to share the world.
  • Weaker than he realized, Araj loses control of the creation process and ends up fragmenting into 52 different entities, each of whom created its own race of beings to worship.
  • The Arajay, stunned by the sudden loss of their god, fight back against the human(oid) races, but without their hearts in it, they soon give up and retreat to their southern continent and leave the rest of Domibia to the usurper races.

This next part was my attempt to write a sort of ancient creation text and it covers the first four bullet points above.

It is kinda long…

Oshook Ochomem Usamemagan Araj
“Araj Gazes at the Blank Tablet”

Araj bloomed forth whole
Dust danced courtly
Swirling in void it doth
Beckon form to him

Form from naught
Araj craves form
To judge the works
He didst wrought

Cloaked in the clay
Araj brightly strides
Form from thought
Rampant change marks birth

Feel of sand grits
Clay caresses
Stone rises to heights
Wind sighs and shapes

Ne’er were such seen
Ne’er was sight enabled
‘Twas pitch save stars
But were the stars near

From dust left adrift
Ignition fueled of will
Bursts forth from ebon
Revealed is that called forth

Araj beams into the rays
His magnificent torch
Warms as it illumines
Showing all his works

Calling forth the names
Araj moves across the face
Learned of sight
Araj glories in light

Water soothed and carved
Bringing new shape to old
Bringing impermanence forth
From stony solidity

Pleasing as the face was
Araj conceived of an Other
He would bring forth one part
Riven he stands aside himself


Araj took hold the form
Showing his works anew
Delighting in fresh breath
His eyes seeing not his

Encouraged by his work
Araj grew wild in his
Passion to shape
The mountains as clay

Araj formed the moons
And set them on high
Spinning across the heavens
As dancers soft and languid

The Other spake
“Why this spasm?”
“Am I not all you wished for?”
“I feel but a test”

Spake Araj to him
“Nay thou art first made”
“And first dear”
“Would that thou shared this bounty”

And the Other grew melancholy
He looked with envy
Upon the face of Creation
And wept for his limits

Ne’er would he match
And in despair he called out
“What would’st that I do?”
“How may I please thee?”

Araj spake unto him
“Child but delight in this I do”
“Ne’er will I for I am not full”
And with this he took flight

Araj was vexed and distraught
He searched from icy peak
To lightless depths
Ne’er to find his Other

Araj beat his breast in despair
“Oh wretched am I whose child flees”
As he strode forth seeking
He came upon a movement


“What is this?” Araj cried aloud
A tiny form moved of its own volition
And the form spake
“I am the creation of your midden”

Araj scarce believed his eyes
“Never didst I dream such a thing”
“Thou art not of me!”
And with this he smote the form

Araj panned the face of creation
Searching for the elusive Other
Yet ne’er a sign was seen
Save wretched forms ascuttle

Araj turned to the skies
And with furious anger
Snared from the heavens
A second handful of dust

And upon the face of his beloved
He scattered the dust of all things
Covering the old with new
The Other a faint memory

The new mantle curved as old
Following old lines
Araj brought forth heaven’s mounts
And brought them down as hammers

New was the shape
Of the creations raiment
And for this new face
Araj conceived a new hue

Fecundity sprawled forth
From Araj’s brow
All the forms of beast and flower
Raged forth spanning ever

From lightless depths
To icy peak
Life sprung forth
Upon the face of creation