Domibian Spirits

In a couple of posts I made back in 2015 regarding elements/elementals and spirits I mentioned that I was up in the air about how to model spirits and elementals in Domibia. I still am, to an extent.

For elementals I think that I will just go with the defaults in Magic, partly out of laziness, elements graphicbut it is already well integrated into the magic system. I just need to come up with stats for Light & Darkness elementals.
Here is a refresher on Domibia’s elements…





Ok, now spirits. This one is still eluding me a bit (maily the details).
I am leaning towards the ghost description from GURPS Voodoo (3rd edition) (pg 55). Instead of using Fatigue I will be using Energy Reserve (Magical) (which everyone on Domibia has equal to their Will²/10-Magery). So when you die you make a Will roll to resist dissipating and joining your god. If they make the roll they start with ER of 1 which increases by 1 per day til it is back to normal. Each month they must make a Will roll or have their HT lower by one. The Will roll has several modifiers including a +1 to +5 for propitiation by friends or family.

This fits with my idea of ancestor worship for a lot of the world’s cultures.

Back to elementals: I think that using the defaults will cover the “animism” worry that I had in my earlier post about spirits. If you summon an elemental it represents whatever local spirits of that type is around. The worry about people worshipping the elementals isn’t an issue on further reflection; people *know* that their deity is greater than a stream spirit (or whatever), and such beings are simply tools to be utilized.


More about spirits

I touched briefly on spirits in my last post about the elements, and I want to try elaborating a bit on how I want Domibian spirits to work.

As I mentioned a while ago my first real roleplaying was with Runequest set in Glorantha. I have always had a soft spot for Glorantha and I would love for Domibia to be even close to as well fleshed out. On Glorantha there are spirits everywhere! There are ghosts, wraiths, ancestor spirits and a variety of minor spirits that teach spells and provide POW for spell casting. I like that, but I am not sure that is exactly what I want for Domibia.

(Remember, this blog is partly to help me work out ideas. So sometimes I am just gonna ramble like this a bit).

I like the idea of ghosts and ancestor spirits. The difference being that ghosts are “wild” and ancestral spirits are sort of “tame”. What I mean by that is that ghosts are usually the spirits of dead folks that were never laid to rest properly and are haunting a specific locale. Ancestral spirits are usually tied to their interred remains (possibly in a crypt or shrine) and are contactable by their descendents. An ancestral spirit would require some sort of propitiation from the living in order to maintain its ability to provide advice or information. The most logical sort of gift would be whatever spiritual or “life” currency the system uses to cast spells. Contacting the spirit would be like casting a spell, using Magic Points in Runequest, a spell slot in D&D, Fatigue in GURPS, Power Points in Savage Worlds, (you get the idea). That influx of energy would be pleasurable for the spirit and make them inclined to help out in whatever way they can. It seems that the more “energy” they received the longer the pleasurable sensation would last and they would remain active longer, so that spirits that were contacted regularly by many people would be most active. Those that are lost and forgotten with nobody to speak to them would possibly require more “energy” to awaken until they finally dwelt permanently with their god and no longer had any contact with the living.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?
(That was a test to see if anyone actually reads this!)