Since my goal here is to work on redefining the racial write-ups for Domibia, it would help to have a benchmark system that all others could be based off of.

Enter SAFUG (Some All F**ked Up Game). This was my own hyper-detailed amalgam of GURPS and Runequest that I ran for a while before realizing it was too difficult to make up NPC’s using it. There are 16 attributes and 11 skill categories (based off averages of several attributes). Now, I am not advocating using SAFUG to run a game, but what it is useful for is that it makes a dandy benchmark system. There are many attributes so granularity can be fine-tuned for the system that you are using. The SAFUG attributes are base 3d6 ala Runequest or D20, with the human norm being 10 and 3 & 18 being the extremes. In GURPS 10 is still average, but the extremes are closer to the norm (a 15 ST in GURPS is an extremely strong character, while a 15 STR in RQ is just a strong guy).

I am going to be using my original SAFUG attributes for the different races as benchmarks for my redoing of their stats.
There are:
Strength, Size and Health
Agility, Dexterity and Speed
Intellect, Essence and Sanity
Perception, Willpower and Luck
Education, Appearance and Charisma
As I said, the default roll for each is 3d6 with racial modifiers for each given as additional dice or a different roll (such as the SIZ in my example being rolled with 2d4+15). I tried creating believable and realistic (realistic for a fantasy game) modifiers for the different races.Below is an example of a SAFUG template. In this case for a feral version of the Arayje (these would be the abandoned members of their people who no longer even remember that their race built the ruins that they still protect).
The Advantages and Disadvantages are pretty standard GURPS

SAFUG Arajay

Anyways, I will be using SAFUG as a benchmark system and I thought I should introduce it as such.